How an accident changed his life forever!

Officer Marty Dunn first met 85 year old Wayne Lasch at Heinen’s in Shaker Heights, and immediately recognized he was a special person.  Somehow Marty always knew there was a story behind the passion Wayne displays on his job.  Today Marty heard Wayne’s story.

It was 69 years ago today that Wayne was a passenger in a car driven by one of his good friends.  Wayne explained that vehicles at that time did not have seat belts to wear, so neither person was prepared for what was about to happen.  The car they were in was suddenly struck from behind, causing both Wayne and his friend to be propelled from the car. Wayne describes being hit so hard that each of them were ejected from the vehicle, both literally coming out of the shoes they were wearing.  Tragically Wayne’s friend died, but Wayne miraculously escaped with almost no injury.

Wayne often thinks about how that accident would have changed his family’s lives forever.  He credits his incredible faith and positive attitude towards life to that day he miraculously survived.  So when you see Wayne at Heinen’s make sure to think about how fortunate we all are to be here.   We are sure Wayne would tell you to make sure to wear your seat belt.  Even if he doesn’t, we will!  Thanks for sharing your story today Wayne!